About us

"Lingvistai" UAB is a young, yet experienced company uniting proficient and creative translators and offering translation and interpretation services to/from main European and other rarer languages. Most of our bureau's translators have philological education alongside with a particular additional background of completed studies in law, economics, technical education etc. They have deepened their knowledge in languages in foreign universities and accumulated their practical experience by working for various international companies. The mastery of a foreign language and knowledge baggage within a certain field allow us to offer our client top quality translation solutions.

Our translators are highly experienced in translating different documents:

  • Business documents - company presentations, business offers, correspondence with business partners, company documents etc.,
  • Financial documents - financial reports (annual financial reports), audit reports, Due diligence reports etc.,
  • Tax documents - tax reports, Tax Due diligence reports etc.,
  • Legal documents - agreements, company establishment documents, legal findings, Legal Due diligence reports, law acts, court and other juridical documents.

Other key areas of our services are translation of technical, tourism services, transport, agricultural, environmental protection, social security, insurance texts, European Union documents, publication articles, fiction etc.

As we care about each client we seek to deliver our translations in a timely manner tailored to fit individual needs and requests. Flexibility and exceptional attention to the client, translation quality, and staff professional and operative attitude are the main criteria that we follow in our business.

One of our main goals is to precisely understand and communicate all the language subtleties and culture. By aiming to understand the essence of different languages and cultures we want the transition from one language to the next to become smooth so that not a single word would get lost in it.