Translation services

Translation from/to main European and other rarer languages. As in each individual case we try to achieve the guarantee of a good translation quality, we select the specialist of a respective language, who has got a perfect mastery in relevant field so that the translation would agree with the original text. Each translation in the final step is revised and edited by an editor.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

Creative translation/localization: we do specific text translation, mostly advertising booklets/leaflets, product presentation and suchlike material and adapt the text and try to convey the main idea of the original text. This type of translation is often more time consuming and it requires the demonstration of a translator‘s creative skills.

Information search on the Internet and translation: we will find your desired information on the Internet, structure it according to your set criteria and translate it into your chosen language and present it to you.

Document certification: the translations are certified with the signature of the translator and our bureau stamp. Depending upon our client‘s request the translations could be signed by a notary public.

We also provide editing, paste-up, typesetting and document spiral binding services.

Under the necessity all the above mentioned services could be completed urgently or delivered within the agreed time.

The services can be ordered by phone, fax and email. At your request the order can be delivered by email, fax, printed out or stored in an electronic file.